The way in which Barça has managed the summer does not stop also affecting its future

The way in which Barça has managed the summer does not stop also affecting its future


Reus’s notable game that based on power and depth monopolized a good part of the right wing. A combination with Messi that later ended up in a center to Luis Suárez inside the area was close to becoming a goal. He ended up exhausted on the field after a huge physical display.

PIQUÉ (7) Engaged

Equal parts commitment and leadership in defense. He dried Higuaín and always took the ball with discretion. The second part was practically spent as a popcorn with rather different results.

UMTITI (8) Imperial

Great game by the Frenchman that did not allow Dybala to move comfortably at any time and even won him a heads up. It can be said that he ‘ate’ it in the field. Perfect in anticipation.

ALBA (7) Deep

His forays down the left wing were one of Barcelona’s most recurrent weapons. He was very close to scoring after a great assist from Messi. Unfortunately he lacked a little more success in his centers to finish finishing the task.


The one from Badia played a good game, especially taking advantage of his intelligence and ability to see his teammates unmarked. He moved the team with discretion, although when the game became a runner, everything was much more complicated for him, getting to play as a winger and center balls to the pot in any way.

RAKITIC (6) Leathery

Very serious game by the Croatian who had a great chance in his boots in a distant shot that unfortunately went away. His work was more important without the ball than with the ball. So much effort ended up taking its toll and he was the first substituted.

INIESTA (7) Captain

A ten for attitude. His game was flawless, although he lacked having a little more prominence in the game, it was impressive to see him throw himself at the feet of Cuadrado to avoid a counterattack. 

MESSI (7) Protagonist

He never hid, but the Argentine did not have a fine day in front of the door. He had three very clear chances, but none ended between the three suits. In any case, the crack tried everything and fell like a great.

LUIS SUÁREZ (6) Hardened

The Uruguayan did not have an excessive role and that is always detrimental for the team because he is left without his reference striker. Sometimes he protested more than he played. I was going too fast.

NEYMAR (8) Unbalance

He was the most destabilizing player by far on the team. Of course, if he also completed all his actions, we would be facing the new Ballon d’Or. He lacks that special touch to assault the throne. In any case, his match was spectacular, a compendium of dribbling, dribbling and power. He left the field crestfallen and crying.

ALCÁCER (6) Dynamic

He came out as the front quarter and was very close to giving Suárez an assist so that he was alone against Buffon. It had a lot of dynamism.


El Jefecito came out in the last minutes to make it easier for Piqué to stay as a ‘palomero’ in the Juve area. Best of all, the one who had the closest goal was the Argentine, who did not reach a ball by millimeters.


The Barça clings to the double

The Barça crashes before the wall of the Juventus

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André, currently in the ranks of Sport Recife, is one of the players who maintains a good friendship with Neymar. A friendship that comes from his time at Santos and that continues. In an interview with the French newspaper ‘L’Equipe’, André reveals what is going on in Neymar’s head at the moment, who is torn between signing for PSG or staying at Barcelona.


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Neymar da Silva Jr.

"I can’t speak for him … this is a complicated negotiation where there is a lot of money at stake", André has recognized. "Paris is a big city, and if he goes there, he will like it", André added, who, between smiles, has not hesitated to point out that "I know you have a major headache right now. It is not easy to choose. In Paris, you will be surrounded by your friends. But that does not mean that he does not feel comfortable at Barça, on the contrary, he feels very good there too".

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Law of silence on Neymar at PSG

In this sense, the Sport Recife player has remarked that "This is one more reason that makes the choice difficult. How is it going to end? I have my own ideas, but honestly, in modern football, you can never be 100% sure. It is a historical negotiation with large sums of money, so it is even more difficult to predict the result. And I can’t say anything, I can’t speak for him. Neymar is the one who will have to say if he does it or not".

It is not easy to be a world star and live in the shadow of someone you also admire. Neymar, 25, came to Barcelona eager to learn alongside Messi, to play in the field in which so many Brazilians have triumphed, won titles and which has opened the doors to the Ballon d’Or.


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Neymar da Silva Jr.

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The reasons why Neymar is unsettled at Barça

Neymar has achieved almost all the purposes that he set out for Barça. Except for one: Being number 1. That is not and will not be possible in the short term. Neymar always accepted Messi’s hierarchy and does not want to discuss it. That is why he has opened the door to hear other offers throughout this summer. We’ll see if he ends up leaving, as they say from Brazil. Or if he ends up staying. Today he has half a foot out of FC Barcelona.

Messi is not the culprit

Is Messi alone the reason for your discomfort? Absolutely. Messi accepted him and took care of him despite the initial distrust. That barrier was collapsed thanks to the submission of the Brazilian and the generosity of the Argentine. However, during these four years in which he has been at Barcelona, ​​Neymar has accumulated some frustration that, together with his Brazilian character, outgoing and open to new experiences, has led him to consider his immediate future.

brazilian clan

Neymar has been running out of Brazilian partners in the team, those with whom he can go out, have parties either inside or outside the dressing room, those with whom he congenialized due to his open and festive character. Alves, his mainstay that in his signing and in his stay in Barcelona, ​​is no longer there; Douglas is passing through, Adriano is gone.

Only Rafinha remains in the team. Neymar never had problems with the other teammates because he was easy to adapt but one thing is getting along and the other is the attraction that Brazilians feel towards each other. Congenia with Messi and with Suárez but there is something that separates them, or that does not unite them as much as the Uruguayan and the Argentine are: Age, language, marital status, place where they live, children, children’s school, women….

His attempt, or that of his father, to have more members in the club has not had, so far, expected success. Neither Coutinho seems to be arriving at Barcelona this summer, nor Lucas Lima (close friend and former brother-in-law). Neither Gabigol (current brother-in-law) or Gabriel Jesús arrived last season. So, he looks with envy at the Brazilian PSG clan with Thiago Silva, Alves, Marquinhos, Lucas, Motta … A guarantee of joy.

the family

The pressure of his family environment has also affected him. Destined to be a number 1, Neymar has only managed to train on the Ballon d’Or podium once. And he has been in Europe for four seasons and has accumulated 10 titles. Everyone said that Neymar was on his way to being Messi’s successor but the reality is that he just had his worst season ever. Neymar has the feeling that he is stagnating and needs a change, an adrenaline injection that allows him to change the dynamics, a new scenario to take the leap that everyone asks of him.

play extreme

His position on the field doesn’t help too much either. At Barça he has become a winger when his natural position is more focused, as in Brazil, which gives him greater prominence in the team game, more presence in the area and more goals. Playing in an attack of three relegates him to the corner because Messi plays where he wants and Suárez steps on more area. Neymar shines in a corner and believes that a more centered position would allow him to express himself better.

judicial problems

There is, of course, the economic issue and the judicial issue. Since his signing, Neymar has lived in the eye of the hurricane because of the way his transfer was. Trials, statements, complaints, lawsuits that have ended up dirtying his image. A change of scenery would also mean ending all this whirlwind of headlines that never benefit you and that create so much discomfort.


And the economic issue is no less important. Neymar has just renewed his contract for the first time since he arrived in 2013. He has had to wait three and a half years for his merits to be recognized. This 2017 he has doubled his record (from 7.5 to 15 million euros net per season) but comparisons with Messi always end up being a determining factor. Neymar has renewed and a few months later Messi is offered a contract that, according to the news that reaches the Brazilian, triples his.

the new coach

The way in which Barça has managed the summer continues to affect its future as well. As we said, his compatriots have not arrived nor a coach who can convince him to stay, as it would have happened with Sampaoli with whom he maintains a strong friendship. The new Barça coach, Ernesto Valverde, does not generate animosity, nor does he leave for him but neither does he force him to doubt.

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So there is no single reason why Neymar feels uncomfortable.